Become a Partner of the
Initiative “Bayerische Edelreifung”

Are you a brewery that produces its wheat beer in Bavaria using the traditional bottle fermentation* method? Then join the community of the “Bayerische Edelreifung” and contact Dr. Stefan Kreisz, Erdinger Weissbräu. Benefit from an alliance in which smaller and larger breweries support each other and in which craftsmanship has top priority. Help us preserve our centuries-old traditions and get beer lovers excited about our Bavarian cultural heritage of wheat beer brewing.

* Traditional bottle fermentation means that:

  1. the wheat beer is produced by a second alcoholic maturation
  2. the second alcoholic maturation lasts at least 10 days
  3. the second alcoholic maturation is achieved by the addition of further vital yeast
  4. the wheat beer has a yeast cell count (live, not pasteurised) in the bottle of at least 3 million
  5. there is no pasteurisation in the bottle or barrel
  6. the wheat beer is produced according to the Bavarian Purity Law
  7. the beer complies with the definition of Bavarian wheat beer